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We believe that an often-overlooked aspect of holistic wellness and success is having a support network of women that can validate while also motivating, encouraging, and empowering one another. The solidarity we aspire our network to provide to all our members is one of healing relationships.  Often female relationships can be described as “catty” or “dramatic.” Sadly, this language can often be divisive and detrimental to promoting connection and support with women in our circles, due to anxiety about vulnerability and judgment. 

Need a place where you can ask questions, vent a little, feel inspired, and help others? By joining the Em-Powered Network, not only will you receive access to exclusive webinars and workshops but most importantly you will be part of a community.  Once you join you will be taken directly to your new community there is a welcome video that will walk you through the platform.  It is very user-friendly, this coming from a not tech savvy person.  Can’t wait to meet you, join your Em-powered Network, and be a part of a community of women leaders.

Join The Em-Powered Network
consulting & mentorship

If a group setting is not your cup of tea you can opt for our one-on-one consulting and mentorship program. Here we will have as many sessions as needed to go through the following steps: uncovering your mental and financial wellness today, talking about the goals you have in mind or would like to set for yourself, selecting options to help reach those goals, start implementing them and then of course life happens, and we will need to adjust over time. 

Once you sign up for a package deal with consulting and mentorship program you also automatically join our network, and you receive the full package. 

You can sign up for a 15 minute complimentary call here to understand how we can work together before making a commitment.

Some individuals prefer to take their financial wellness journey at a slower pace while others prefer to move faster. We are here to give advice on what you already have built, support you through making some changes and continue your path or build a strategy with you and walk through all phases of your financial wellness.

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Advice $1,000 (4 hours)

In this offering, we walk through your journey and focus on what we agree needs more time and energy. We assume only advice is what is most needed to complete your financial wellness journey.

Support $2,000 (8 hours)

When there are a few areas that require us to dedicate more time we will follow our 3-facet process and support you until we reach your goals.  We will identify these areas and dig deeper to find results.

Strategy $3,000 (12 Hours)

Knowing that you might want a little more than just advice and support brings us to building a strategy.  We will provide a roadmap to reach that self-growth and financial wellness you are looking for.

corporate benefits

Offering personalized seminars for employees and strategic plans for executive management that empowers the organization to achieve holistic success.

  • Building on company culture to increase employee retention
  • Motivation to optimize employee satisfaction & success
  • Fostering a dependable community that gives you support, strength and builds confidence
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