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Holistic Success

“Investing in your own growth and self-development is not selfish. it is self-care.”

Dr. Eric Weiss
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Courageous Leadership

An empowered self is the heartbeat of Leadership.  Authentically leading in all parts of our lives takes elevating the “know-how”, through intentional self-exploration, courage and tenacity in the face of adversity, and a readiness to be an agent of change for ourselves and those whom we propose to lead. At Em-powered Network we deeply connect with this and believe mentorship and reflection are integral in harnessing our strengths and growing into our most authentic selves. We are passionately committed to the process of helping you uncover the leader in you, and we hope this is contagious!

Through pointed questionnaires, we identify areas where you currently experience encouragement and empowerment, as well as areas you desire to strengthen. Together we will use your wealth of knowledge and experience in combination with your present growth edges to personalize and prioritize areas of emphasis most important to you.  By creating this individually tailored Leadership Growth Map we anticipate a heightened clarity and confidence to achieve your leadership goals.  Some common areas of focus are improved confidence and self-efficacy, relinquishing control, and more seamless delegation. Strengthening skills like creating space for your voice and your opinion to different audiences, motivating team members, or navigating boundaries both professionally and personally are critical components of our mentorship program. We do this by focusing on building your awareness of your holistic strengths and values. 

To reach your leadership edge you can choose from the two options.

Financial Wellness

Financial wellness is not only your relationship with money, but also your relationship with all the values, morals, and beliefs you have collected in your life. 

The emotional impact money may have on you is not only based on your financial state but also on the feelings we may have been taught by our environment and or family. Understanding this relationship, we have with all these aspects will not only empower you but, we believe this will give you peace of mind. Finding a balance between what we have or are trying to create financially and emotionally is true wellness.  There are many cases in my 15 years of experience working with families and individuals the amount of money you have does not give you wellness, everyone desires the understanding of their true value of wealth. 62% of Americans feel stressed about money on a regular basis these are people with enough and without enough money.  The financial wellness we will try to uncover is that which gives peace of mind. (this is the link to the article: 42 Worrying Workplace Stress Statistics – The American Institute of Stress)

Anyone who is willing to put in the work and take a little guidance can reach this financial wellness we speak of. Having a handle on your assets, discovering your opportunities, and getting organized are all steps that will allow you to step into your financial power. We will be using financial and psychological tools to help you reach your goals.

To reach your financial edge you can choose from the two options.

Reach Your Financial edge
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Consulting & Mentorship
Consulting & Mentorship

At Em-powered Network we believe, that in order to continue your journey towards your most authentic self, you need to surround yourself with motivational women who will not only support but also challenge you. As humans we thrive in spaces where we are celebrated for our successes while simultaneously pushed in directions, we still lack confidence in, these are authentic relationships, this is our village, this is Em-Powered Network! 

Having a circle of doyenne “badass women leaders” that are equally as vested in their growth and success as they are in yours is an invaluable sisterhood that Em-Powered Network wants to build with you! Our network is not intended to be just another professional network disseminating pointed “professional” news and information. At Em-powered network, our purpose is to expand beyond your work world and speak to all the parts of our lives and identities that bring us joy, peace, and ultimately holistic success. Achieving our most healthy, balanced, fulfilled self opens us up to our most powerful and authentic self and in turn, deeply meaningful relationships. Come join our network and add to the power of our courageous, creative, and confident village. 

We host webinars with common themes and share our best practices. We also love in-person conferences so by becoming part of our network you will gain access to these networking events as well. 

John Maxwell – “a good leader communicates; a great leader connects”.